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Shayan’ Quarry

Shayan quarry, with 19 quarry steps and annual extraction of around 200,000 tons has the first rank of extraction between similar beige marble quarries in the Middle East. Shayan marble has unique characteristics such as monotypic beige color, high shine, less water absorption, long lasted and etc. This quarry with more than 20 years of precedent is the best choice as supplier of big projects .

Aligudarz Quarry

White marble quarry with grey, blue and yellow veins, which have created different regular and irregular patterns. This variety of patterns makes it possible to create beautiful book matches and satisfied different tastes. these quarries annual extraction is around 50,000 tones and blocks in various sizes are suitable for slabs, tiles, decorative.

Raadstone Factory
Raadstone Factory

Raad Factory has been extended to an area of 15,000 sq. meters with high tech machineries including 2 gang saws, 2 block cutters, slab and tile lines and 2 bridge cutters. The factory annual production is around 250,000 sq. meters in different sizes such as slab, tile and cut to size with high quality in processing and conscientious precision in cutting. This quantity and quality comes from 120 skilled and conscientious members of staff in the factory containing proficient quality control team as well as resin team and production employees.

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The Cream Marble Shayan is one of the most well – known Marble in Iran.
Shayan’ Extraction from this quarry dates back to 30 years ago.

This quarry is at Fars province. Shayan quarry has the first rank of production among similar quarries.
The quarry with an annual production of about 200,000 Tons.