CEO’s Message

In an age characterized by corporate identity, acquisition, and profit-centric business cultures, it gives a great sense of pride to know that the men and women working at Raad Stone Co. amongst the experts in their fields, have brought a high level of expertise, innovation and due diligence to the business. The exceptional formation was care of a systematic vision in human resources and business culture established and implemented by the management and staff of Raad Stone.
The management team at Raad Stone have designed future development roadmaps with steady quality and quantity growth in mind. Performance records confirm a very high success rate in achieving customer satisfaction by delivering high quality products and services at within the contractual timeframe.
Our growth methodologies are based on fundamental values such as quality, safety and respecting the environment. Ultimately, we are on the path of becoming the largest professional producer of various high quality marble products.
Increasing our presence to international markets, and expanding our offices to foreign countries are on our roadmap.
Banking on the efforts of Raad Stone and its members, we hope to define a better position for Iran, and the industrial capacities available.

Hussain Jafarian
Chief Executive Officer
Raad Stone