The Creativity and new ideas at Marmomac International Fair – Italy - 2018

One of the most important reasons that the Italian stone industry has had such growth and has become a brand in this industry, is the integration of art and the stone industry. The Italians have an extensive experience in this field from the distant past for example they are the leader in Clothing and Fashion Industry.
Italy is also a pioneer in the stone industry because of a close relationship between active stone craftsmen and artists, architects and sculptors. This relationship is so integrated into this industry that it can not be separated from it.
At the 2018 Verona' exhibition more than 275 companies active in the field of architecture and design attended.
To better understand the importance of such industries in helping the stone industry, here's a summary of the artistic companies and materials presented at this year's Verona exhibition:

  • Furniture
  • Garden and outdoor: 103 items
  • Volumetric designs for Marble: 102 items
  • Materials related to plant: 72 items
  • Furniture related elements: 60 items
  • Religious art works: 27 items
  • Specialized design with 7 agglomerates