Stone theater booths at Verona Italy Exhibition – Marmomac – 2018

The Stone theater booths at Hall 1 were under supervision of Rafaelo Galito as designer & Pavan as an architect. Designer and architect of this project were trying to come up with new ideas by pushing the Stone and water together .
The 2018 Stone Theater had made from 5 sections, Two sections for product design, a section focusing on architecture, One with an artistic identity and Last section was the Writers Restaurant  (Ristorante d'Autore), the short description of each of these sections is as follows:

  • Liquid, Solid, Stone: Looking to upgrade past designs by using natural stone for furniture and accessories used in Baths, saunas, spas and mineral baths.
  • Architecture for water: Representing and reflecting architectural elements and designs in a large courtyard of Hall 1.
  • Stone & Branding: Includes products from top brands in the design world or interior design of furniture.
  • Ways of Arts: Includes spaces dedicated to water in the hall. It was designed by "The Art of Route Design" & several international artists worked in this section.
  • Writers' Restaurant: A project that has Italian culinary experiences with water. It experiences in various dimensions such as shape, color, sound and current flows.